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Visit our taproom and our bistro in central Malmö.



Stormgatan 15, Malmö

Opening hours:

Thursday-Friday 16.00-22.00

Saturday 12.00-22.00

Enjoy a wide range of beers in the middle of our brewery.


Hans Michelsensgatan 3, Malmö

Opening hours:

Monday-Tuesday 11.30-14.00

Wednesday-Friday 11.30-22.00

Saturday 12.00-22.00

Bistro with focus on rustic food that pairs awesome with our beer.

Beer tastings

We offer private beer tasting sessions for groups of ten or more. Please click on group inquires to connect with us. 

If your group is 1-9 people we advise you to book your spots on of our open tasting sessions.


Upcoming open beer tastings:

30/5 - 18.00

21/6 - 18.00

26/7 - 18.00

23/8 - 18.00

Dogs and kids are always welcome to both the taproom and the bistro, but please respect if other guests are allergic or afraid (goes for both dogs and kids).

Guests who don't respect our code of conduct will be thrown in the sea.

read more about it here.

Contact us for all your questions at

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